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Best Places in Japan to See Cherry Blossoms

Where to Visit for Cherry Blossoms

When is the best time to visit Japan to see cherry blossoms? The forecast for cherry blossom flowering (sakura kaika-yosou) is announced by Japan Meteorological Agency every year at the beginning of March. See a Japan map, which shows average dates of cherry blossom flowering. Hundreds of places are well-known for beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan.

Places to Go to See Cherry Blossoms:

*Note: Cherry blossom flowering dates change every year. (Average Cherry Blossom Flowering Date)


  • Goryokaku – Early May
    Hakodate-city Hokkaido / 81-138-51-4785
    Admission: Adult 630 yen Children 310 yen
  • Aoba-jo Castle Park – Early April
    Sendai-city Aoba-ku, Miyagi / 81- 222-61-1111 (Sendai-city Tourist Information)
    Access: By Taxi from JR Sendai Station (10min.) Free Admission
  • Shinjuku Gyoen – Late March to Early April
    Shinjuku, Tokyo / 81-3-3350-015
    Access: Subway Marunouchi line Shinjuku Gyoen Station
    Admission 200yen. Closed on Mondays.
  • Sumida Park – Late March to Early April
    Sumida-ku, Tokyo / 81-3-5608-1111(Sumida-ku Tourist Information)
    Access: Subway Ginza line Asakusa Station. Free admission
  • Inokashira Oncho Park – Late March to Early April
    Inokashira Mitaka-city, Tokyo / 81-422-47-6900
    Access: JR Chuo line Kichijo-ji Station / Keio Inokashira line Inokashirakoen Station
    Free Admission
  • Ueno Oncho Park – Late March to Early April
    Taito-ku, Tokyo / 81-3-3828-5644
    Access: JR Ueno Station Uenopark Exit.
    Free admission
  • Odawara Castle Park – Early April
    Odawara-city, Kanagawa / 81-465-33-1521 (Odamawa City Tourist information)
    Access: JR Odawara Station
    Free Admission
  • Nagoya Castle – Early April
    Mizuho-ku Nagoya-city, Aichi / 52-262-2918 (Nagoya Tourist information)
    Access: JR Tokaido line Nagoya Station
    Admission: Adult 500yen Child 100yen
  • Arashiyama Togetsu bridge and Nakanoshima Park – Early April
    Kyoto 81-75-343-6655 (Kyoto Tourist Information)
    Access: Hankyu Arashiyama Station
  • Byodo-in Temple – Early April
    Uji, Kyoto / 81-774-23-3334 (Uji Tourist Information)
    Access: Keihan Dentetsu line Uji Station
    Admission: Adult 500 yen child 250yen
  • Fushimi Momoyama Castle – Early April
    Momoyama Fushimi-ku, Kyoto / 81-75-752-225 (Kyoto-city Tourist Information)
    Access: Kintetsu Nara line Momoyamagoryomae Station
    Admission: Adult 800yen child 500yen
  • Heian Jingu Shrine– Early April
    Nishi-tennoji Sakyo-ku, Kyoto / 81-75-752-225 (Kyoto-city Tourist Information)
    Admission: Adult 600yen child 300yen
  • Expo Memorial Park – Late March to Early April
    Suita-city, Osaka / 81-6-6877-3331
    Access: Osaka Monorail Banpaku kinen koren Station
    Admission: Adult 250yen Child 70yen
  • Osaka Mint Bureau – Mid April
    Tenman Kita-ku, Osaka / 06-6351-5361
    Access: Subway Tenman-bashi Station/JR Osaka Tenmangu Station
  • Osaka Castle Nishi-no-maru Garden -Early April
    Osaka-jo Chuo-ku, Osaka / 81-6-6941-1144
    Access: Subway Tanimachi line Tenmangu-bashi Station
    Adult 200yen
  • Nara Park – Early April
    Nara-city, Nara / 81-742-34-1111(Nara-city Tourist Information)
    Access: Kintetsu line Nara Station
    Free Admission
  • Kofukuji Temple -Early April
    Nara-city, Nara / 81-742-34-1111(Nara-city Tourist Information)
    Access: JR Kansaihonsen line Nara Station
    Admissioin: Adult 500yen Child 150 yen


Top 5 Places for Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

kyoto cherry blossom

kyoto cherry blossom

Here is a list of well-known places to see cherry blossoms in Kyoto.
Japan Cherry Blossom Trip Planner

1) Kiyomizu-dera (temple)

Address: 1-294 Kiyomizu Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city
Information: 075-551-1234
Access: Kyoto Station

2) Heian Jingu Shinen (Shrine)

Address: 97 Okazaki Nishi-tenno-cho Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Information: 075-761-0221
Access: Kyoto Station

3) Maruyama Koen (park)

Address: Gion-machi Kitagawa Kanyuchi Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city
Information: 075-561-1603
Access: Kyoto Station

4) Motorikyu Nijo-jo Castle

Address: Nijo-dori Horikawa Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Information: 075-841-0096
Access: Nijo-jo-mae Station

5) Arashiyama

Address: Saga Nakanoshima-machi Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Information: 075-871-8888
Access: Saga-arashiyama Station