Business Travel or a Leisure Tourist??

There is always considerable cost savings and convenience from booking a reservation in a group tour of Japan. Consider which of the 2 type of travelling arrangements you prefer: a member of a Group Tour or an Independent Traveller – Business Traveller and Tourist.

Depending on where you live you should contact a travel agent who specializes in arranging Group tours to Japan ,or for the independent traveller, depending on your budget, you can arrange all your travel reservations, such as airline ticket purchase at your local travel agencies. Again, it really depends on your personality, your travel experience and self-reliance; your budget and time constraints; and your level of proficient in the Japanese language.

Learn Basic Japanese – Recommended!

We encourage you to learn basic Japanese: learning a few greetings and how to ask the price of a service or product. A one-term night school course in Japanese is an excellent introduction to the Japanese language for short-term travel; check your local community college. It is advisable to become familiar with and own a good Japanese phrase book – we provide a few language suggestions and solutions.

Japan is Safe and Secure as a Tourist Destination

There is no political uncertainty or threat of terrorism in Japan. The local crime is extremely low for an Asian country, and compared to a Western country: paradise. In fact, most foreigners in Japan are safer than local people: there is respect given to foreigners from all levels of Japanese society. The people are very friendly and will go out of their way to help you enjoy your stay in Japan…for more detail see our Hospitality and Safety in Japan.

Arrival and Orientation

Once you arrive in Japan you will need to find your way to your Hotel or other residency, using a combination of train and subway. We offer a couple of ways to get from Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo! Getting from Narita Airport And we also recommend you buy or go to your local library and borrow a transportation map of Tokyo . We recommend you study it thoroughly!